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Oils and waxes for aroma lamps

Oils and waxes for aroma lamps

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An aroma lamp undoubtedly belongs in our homes. It gives us the feeling of a clean and fragrant home. It will help us set the mood, but it can even help us when we are sick or just have a cold.

Aromatherapy literally means "healing with scents." It is composed of two words: "aroma" - fragrance and "therapy" - treatment.

The aroma lamp has many indisputable advantages and hundreds of different fillings with which you can make your aroma lamp smell unusual.

Essential oils

The first fillings are essential oils. We can use essential oils both in the aroma lamp and in our Aroma stone. We will write about Aroma stone again next time. It's simple, you fill the container with water and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil. In a few minutes, it will scent your entire room.

It's incredible how you can play with the given opportunity. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, our fragrances Sensuality, Queen of the Night or Goddess are perfect for this. Goddess is our best selling fragrance, you can also use it as a personal perfume on your wrist.

When you need to concentrate, citrus scents will help you do so. E.g. Lemon refreshes the mind, neutralizes odors in the room and is insecticidal. Grapefruit refreshes the body and mind, revitalizes, helps with frequent migraines and also neutralizes odors. Our best seller is Litsea Cubeba which is anti-depressant, energizing, helps concentration and is even an aphrodisiac.

One of the most important properties of oils is their healing effects. When you cough, be sure to reach for Mateřidouška, Thymián or Borovica. Sage is good for detoxifying the body. For a cold, drip Eucalyptus, Spruce or, for children, Rosemary is best. Bergamot promotes healing, reduces fever, calms pain and strengthens nerves.

The list of effects and types of essential oils is long. I must also mention the important Antistress oil, which helps in tense and stressful situations, you can even put it on your wrist and keep it with you at all times. Lemon balm or lavender are perfect for a child's room, before bedtime. Lemon balm calms the mind, helps with insomnia and restlessness. Lavender also helps calm the mind, but also restores hope, helps with headaches and insomnia. Tea tree disinfects the air, helps with healing and has other undeniable benefits. You can find more and much more directly with the oils, on our site www.rosmarinus.eu.

You will learn about other uses of essential oils, not only for aroma lamps or aroma stones, in a separate article that we are preparing for you.

Aroma lamp waxes

Waxes can be used as an additional filling for the aroma lamp.

Our waxes have 8% essential oil, which means that they will beautifully scent the whole room in a moment and the whole apartment in a few minutes. It is not so necessary to keep the candle lit for hours, but only for a few minutes. So you don't have to have the aroma lamp in your eyes the whole time, but only for those few minutes. The wax cools down very quickly, so you don't have to worry about a child or pet getting burned.

We have waxes in a lot of scents, where everyone is guaranteed to choose.

The aroma lamp also has its disadvantages.

The first is, without a doubt, fire. When we light a candle in an aroma lamp, we have to watch over it. Not only is there an open fire in it, but the entire aroma lamp heats up and can cause damage to the furniture as well. And then there is a hot liquid in it. Unfortunately, we are already given by nature that fire fascinates us. Therefore, it should not be left in a room with children or pets that would be attracted by the fire.

The second disadvantage is that the intensity of the scent is poorly corrected. It really takes skill to estimate that a room or an entire apartment will be evenly and gently scented.

For these cases, we have Aroma stones in our offer. Where there is no need to monitor the flame or the temperature of the aroma lamp or the intensity. It is perfect for a children's room or a household where there are pets, where access to the lamp cannot be prevented, but also for the entire apartment, as an aesthetic and useful accessory.

I use the aroma lamp occasionally when I need to quickly scent the room from unwanted smells, such as after cooking. Or when I'm expecting a visitor to create a nice social, clean atmosphere. Or for instant romance. And then I have aroma stones that continuously scent my whole apartment.

Next time, if you are impatient, you will learn much more about Aroma stones on our Facebook, on our website or at our branches.

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